At first sight, I would compare Deerhound to rough-coated large size and bone Greyhound. Deerhound's walk is easy with lengthy steps. Their run is powerful and despite their large size it is very fast. (Frequent participant in ring and coursing races). Deerhound's head is long and it is kept high in motion. Their eyes are dark with a keen, far away look and show sanity. Their ears are small and folded aside. Their bite is powerful (that's how Deerhound choked the prey immediatelly during
hunting). Any tallness is accepted, some of them are even 90 cm (Lincoln is 901 cm :-) ) but that does not ruin the look of the Deerhound. Generally a female Deerhound should be at least 70 c,m and 35 kg while a male minimum 76 cm and 45 kg. Their body is very long, back is curved and chest is deep befitting the Greyhound character of the dog. Their coat is harsh to the touch except the eyebrows and the beard where it is longer and softer. Their tail is long and curved at the end (almost reaching the
ground). Forearms are long and strong, the thighs are muscular. Backarms are even more powerful. Because of the rareness of the Deerhound it is almost exempt of troubles of overbreeding. The lifespan is expectedly above 10 years. As a personality Deerhound is tender and well balanced. It can be trained easily compared to a Greyhound ( I would recommend to families with child, watch the photo album!)Generally active, needs a lot of exercise that's why Deerhound is an excellent partner for people who like running, cycling and walking in nature. You can find the official description on the site of deerhound kennel club or in the cruft catalogue.